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In Our Machined Seals Product Line, We Offer Only The Highest Quality Engineered Polyurethanes, Rubbers, PTFE Blends & Hard Plastomer Based Products (Such As Polyacetal, Polyamid, UHMW & Polyether Ether Ketone), Available On The Market today. We Offer Seals As Small As 1/4" Inside Diameter, Up To A Diameter Of 2 Meters (78-3/4"), In Continuous Form. Larger Seals Can Easily And Reliably Be Manufactured By Using An Elastomeric Welding Process, In Order To Fabricate Seals Of Virtually Any Diameter Needed.

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All Of Our Polyurethanes Are Hyrolysis Resistant & Have Extremely High Specifications, In Terms Of Abrasion Resistance, Tear Strength & Modulus. Some Are Also FDA Approved For Direct Contact With Food Products, Both Wet & Dry. Our Range Of Rubber Products Include Variations Of NBR, EPDM, FKM, Silicone, H-NBR & A Special "Low Temp" H-NBR, As Well As Many Others. Our PTFE Line Ranges From a Virgin Grade To Practically Any Type Of Blend Imaginable Including Glass, Moly, Carbon, Graphite, Bronze, Stainless Steel, Calcium & Many Others.

Please Use The Links Above To Explore Our Standard Profiles & Raw Materials. Also Please Note That These Profiles Are Our Standard Profiles Only. This Is Merely A Guideline Of Our Typical Profiles Used In Most Rotating, Hydraulic & Pneumatic Applications. But We Can Also Design Any Seal Needed For A Particular Application. We Can Also Manufacture Any Design You May Already Have In A Print Or Cad Form, As Well As "Reverse Engineer" Any Product You May Need. Our Materials Link Above, Will Show You Detailed Information On Our Standard Material Selections. We Can Also Manufacture Any Seal Design From Any Material Available On The Open Market, As Required. If You Have Any Questions, Or Would Like To Discuss Your Application Requirements, Or Any Of Our Products, Please Feel Free To Contact Us At Your Convenience.


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